Tuesday, November 06, 2007

$81,609,558 for Tuscany

ohloh.net is reporting a current project cost for Tuscany running at $81,609,558! As Ohloh says, thats based on "...how much it would cost to create the project from scratch." Its interesting to compare this to the Ohloh reported cost for other SOA related open source projects:
  • Celtix $1,436,254
  • CXF $2,930,214
  • Mule 2,928,588
  • OpenESB $5,494,803
  • Geronimo $3,739,071
  • ServiceMix $2,244,711
  • Synapse $1,117,180
So Tuscany is approaching two orders of magnitude more than those!

There are various explanations and spins that could be put on these numbers but there's no denying it shows the incredible amount of effort thats gone in to the Tuscany code base.

As Tuscany developers we hope that all this effort and code thats gone into Tuscany means people using it have to spend less effort and write less code themselves than if they were using some of the other SOA solutions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

There's a very simple explanation: tuscany is using a non-standard SVN setup so Ohloh is grabbing EVERYTHING including the tags and branches. The other projects are setup to only look at trunk. Every tag you do adds a couple hundred lines of code. Every release jumps your count.

5:44 PM  

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