Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apache Tuscany SCA 1.0 released!!!

The Apache Tuscany team have reached a major milestone by announcing the 1.0 release of the Java SCA project.

This 1.0 release includes implementations of the main SCA specifications including:
  • SCA Assembly Model V1.0
  • SCA Policy Framework V1.0
  • SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.0
  • SCA Java Component Implementation V1.0
  • SCA Spring Component Implementation V1.0
  • SCA BPEL Client and Implementation V1.0
  • SCA Web Services Binding V1.0
  • SCA EJB Session Bean Binding V1.0
It also includes implementations of many features not yet defined
by SCA specifications, including:
  • SCA bindings for Direct Web Remoting, RSS and ATOM Feeds, HTTP resources, JSON-RPC, PUB/SUB Notifications, and RMI.
  • SCA implementation types for OSGI, XQuery, BPEL, and various dynamic languages including Groovy, Javascript, Python and Ruby
  • Databindings for Service Data Objects (SDO), JAXB, XmlBeans, Axis2's AXIOM, JSON, SAXON, DOM, SAX and StAX
The Tuscany SCA Runtime can be configured as a single node SCA domain or
as an SCA domain distributed across multiple nodes.
In addition Tuscany SCA supports the following host-deployment options:
  • running standalone
  • running with distributed nodes across multiple JVMs
  • running with embedded Jetty or Tomcat
  • running as a standard web application
  • running as a module in Geronimo (experimental)
For more information and to download the release please go to the releases page.


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