Sunday, January 14, 2007

Declarative DAS - Integrating SCA and DAS

Luciano Resende recently posted in his blog an entry about his ideas aroundDeclarative DAS :

Declarative DAS : Extend the SCA programming model to expose services that interact with a persistent layer in a declarative fashion hiding the implementation details from the service developer.It’s all about simplicity, allowing a service to be defined without explicitly coding the persistence layer.

Take a look, and express your comments.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

RDB DAS really doesn't make sense to me. In what way do hand-coded, pre-prepared SQL statements further our goals of data abstraction? Wrapping the resulting prepared statements in a static interface takes us back even further.

DAS interfaces should be agnostic as to the type of backing datastore.
DAS should use XPath as its update syntax.
DAS implementations should map that syntax to particular flavors of backing store.

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