Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Service Component Architecture (SCA) for PHP

Open source SOA is also gaining visibility on the PHP community, as we can see on the following positive feedback : post about SCA for PHP.

Below is some of the highligts of the post :

At the Zend Conference, one of the highlights was a presentation by Graham Charters entitled “Web Services with SOA with the Service Component Architecture”. My dad told me years ago that web services would dominate the architecture of the future, and I tend to believe him, so I’m very glad to say that SCA makes exposing services (especially web services) ridiculously easy.

The PHP open source framework mentioned is based on the C++ implementation of Apache Tuscany SDO.

Hope this brings you a new perspective on integration and how SCA would make SOA easier by allowing a broad range of integration in a universal and language independet way.


Anonymous cem said...

Actually the SCA for PHP implementation is pure PHP and doesn't depend on Tuscany.

The SDO for PHP implementation does use Tuscany, though.

4:48 AM  

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