Wednesday, August 09, 2006

SDO for PHP 1.0.3 shipped using Tuscany C++ SDO Milestone 1

We have just shipped version 1.0.3 of Service Data Objects (SDO) for PHP. This allows you to use the SDO API to manipulate XML and relational data in PHP scripts. While this is not strictly a Tuscany project it does now rely directly on the implementation of SDO in C++ from the Tuscany project. Kudos to the Tuscany SDO/C++ team! Here’s the announce for the release .

There is documentation for SDO for PHP up on the PECL site here and there are a couple of articles over at IBM’s developer works which give another view of what you can do with it here An introduction to Service Data Objects for PHP and here Streamline working with XML in PHP using Service Data Objects.


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