Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Real SOA - An overview of SCA and SDO (JDJ Article)

Recently I've been noticing an increasing number of articles and blog posting mentioning Apache Tuscany the programming model it uses to help make SOA easy.

Below is an article that just got published at JDJ and talks about SOA, and give an overview of SCA and SDO.

Real SOA - An overview of SCA and SDO
— A challenge facing many organizations is how to quickly and effectively react to frequent changes in business requirements, whilst improving productivity and reducing costs. To achieve this, you need a flexible infrastructure that can meet the demands of a changing marketplace and seize emerging opportunities. To address this challenge, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) promotes an architectural approach that replaces rigid proprietary systems with heterogeneous, 'loosely-coupled' services. The Service Component Architecture (SCA), along with Service Data Objects (SDO), makes this architectural concept a reality and provides the programming model to build SOA solutions for agile businesses.


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