Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Apache Tuscany - DAS and SDO M2 Releases

... are out now! The Tuscany community had announced the release of the second milestone release (M2) for DAS and SDO. You can download binary and source distributions here.

You can check what's new on these release by following the link to the respective release notes:

Thank you for everybody that participated and helped getting these Tuscany releases out.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Service Component Architecture (SCA) for PHP

Open source SOA is also gaining visibility on the PHP community, as we can see on the following positive feedback : post about SCA for PHP.

Below is some of the highligts of the post :

At the Zend Conference, one of the highlights was a presentation by Graham Charters entitled “Web Services with SOA with the Service Component Architecture”. My dad told me years ago that web services would dominate the architecture of the future, and I tend to believe him, so I’m very glad to say that SCA makes exposing services (especially web services) ridiculously easy.

The PHP open source framework mentioned is based on the C++ implementation of Apache Tuscany SDO.

Hope this brings you a new perspective on integration and how SCA would make SOA easier by allowing a broad range of integration in a universal and language independet way.

Real SOA - An overview of SCA and SDO (JDJ Article)

Recently I've been noticing an increasing number of articles and blog posting mentioning Apache Tuscany the programming model it uses to help make SOA easy.

Below is an article that just got published at JDJ and talks about SOA, and give an overview of SCA and SDO.

Real SOA - An overview of SCA and SDO
— A challenge facing many organizations is how to quickly and effectively react to frequent changes in business requirements, whilst improving productivity and reducing costs. To achieve this, you need a flexible infrastructure that can meet the demands of a changing marketplace and seize emerging opportunities. To address this challenge, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) promotes an architectural approach that replaces rigid proprietary systems with heterogeneous, 'loosely-coupled' services. The Service Component Architecture (SCA), along with Service Data Objects (SDO), makes this architectural concept a reality and provides the programming model to build SOA solutions for agile businesses.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Apache Tuscany C++ Milestone 2 Release

... is out now! Today, the Tuscany community announces the release of the second C++ milestone release (M2) for SCA and SDO. You can download binary and source distributions here.

This release adds support for components written in C++, Python or Ruby which can be exposed as services using Axis2/C. We now support the SCA Assembly Specification v0.96, the SCA Client and Implementation for C++ Specification v0.95 and the SDO for C++ Specification v2.01.

For more info, see the announcement post.

Download it, try it out and let us know what you think!