Monday, April 29, 2013

Google Summer of Code 2013 Project Ideas

If you are a Software Engineer/Computer Science student, you must have heard about Google Summer of Code. If you are searching for project ideas for GSoC 2013, please see the current Apache Tuscany project ideas:

TUSCANY-4077 Enhance Tuscany Widget support

The Tuscany Widget Implementation extends the SCA programing model to HTML and/or Web 2.0 client applications. This project consists on enhancing the current implementation of to support different javascript libraries (e.g. JQuery), enable support for cross-domain services invocations using CORS when applicable, support gzip compression, etc

TUSCANY-4076 Develop a distributed domain registry using Apache ZooKeeper

Apache Tuscany currently have support for a distributed SCA domain registry using couple distributed cache technologies and this project is about adding support to a distributed SCA domain registry using Apache Zookeeper. An stretch goal would be to provide a "persistence abstraction" that would enable plugin in different distributed data services such as Apache ZooKeeper, Redis, or Memcache.



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