Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Apache Tuscany SCA 1.0 released!!!

The Apache Tuscany team have reached a major milestone by announcing the 1.0 release of the Java SCA project.

This 1.0 release includes implementations of the main SCA specifications including:
  • SCA Assembly Model V1.0
  • SCA Policy Framework V1.0
  • SCA Java Common Annotations and APIs V1.0
  • SCA Java Component Implementation V1.0
  • SCA Spring Component Implementation V1.0
  • SCA BPEL Client and Implementation V1.0
  • SCA Web Services Binding V1.0
  • SCA EJB Session Bean Binding V1.0
It also includes implementations of many features not yet defined
by SCA specifications, including:
  • SCA bindings for Direct Web Remoting, RSS and ATOM Feeds, HTTP resources, JSON-RPC, PUB/SUB Notifications, and RMI.
  • SCA implementation types for OSGI, XQuery, BPEL, and various dynamic languages including Groovy, Javascript, Python and Ruby
  • Databindings for Service Data Objects (SDO), JAXB, XmlBeans, Axis2's AXIOM, JSON, SAXON, DOM, SAX and StAX
The Tuscany SCA Runtime can be configured as a single node SCA domain or
as an SCA domain distributed across multiple nodes.
In addition Tuscany SCA supports the following host-deployment options:
  • running standalone
  • running with distributed nodes across multiple JVMs
  • running with embedded Jetty or Tomcat
  • running as a standard web application
  • running as a module in Geronimo (experimental)
For more information and to download the release please go to the releases page.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

The OASIS work on SCA is kicking off

The OASIS work on SCA, OpenCSA, is kicking off after the move from OSOA.

OASIS has issued a "Call for Participation" for six technical committees, (there's a summary at XML Cover Pages), and there's a free plenary session on the 18 - 20 September 2007.

Anyone interested in SCA can participate at OASIS technical committees. To do this you need to get an OASIS logonid and then join any technical committees you're interested in. Here's a list of the technical committees:

SCA Assembly
SCA Policy
SCA Bindings
SCA Java