Monday, September 20, 2010

Tuscany at the Apache Retreat in Hursley, UK

The ASF held an Apache Retreat last weekend and a group of Tuscany committers were there. Here's a photo:

From left to right: Simon Laws, Kelvin Goodson, Mike Edwards, Ant Elder, Florian Moga, Mark Combellack, Simon Nash.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Tuscany related sessions at JavaOne 2010

Some of us will be at JavaOne this year, and we will be presenting
two Tuscany related sessions :

S314011 - Developing composite applications for the Cloud using Apache Tuscany
Wednesday, September 22, 11:30AM

Today's cloud environments pose new challenges for application
developers: hiding cloud infrastructure from business logic,
assembling components on heterogeneous and distributed cloud
environments, and optimizing the provisioning of the required cloud
resources. This session will demonstrate how to use Apache Tuscany and
the Service Component Architecture (SCA) to develop, build, and run an
application composed of several service components in a distributed
cloud environment. We'll illustrate how to encapsulate cloud
infrastructure services as SCA components to simplify the construction
and assembly of the application and how to move components around and
rewire the application to adjust to new business and cloud deployment

S313731 - Databinding Unleashed for Composite Applications
Tuesday, September 21, 8:00AM

Data bindings such as JAXB, SDO, DOM, and JSON denote how business
data is represented. Collaborating components in a composite
application often need to use different data bindings as required by
the business logic or protocol stacks. Apache Tuscany provides a
framework that allows mixing and matching of data bindings so that
application developers can have the freedom to choose their preferred
data binding technology without worrying about complex data
transformations. This session is for developers looking for
flexibility of data bindings in the enterprise. Attendees will learn
about: * Decoupling data bindings between service consumers and
providers * Tuscany?s approach to transform data without the
intervention from application code

If you are going to be around, stop by and introduce yourself...

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