Thursday, July 23, 2009

Tuscany 2.0 Milestone 3 released

Today we released the third milestone release of the new Tuscany 2.0 SCA runtime, this is another step towards the fully OASIS specification compatible SCA runtime that we aim to have finished later this year when the final versions of the OASIS SCA specifications are released.

This Tuscany release includes lots of updates for OASIS spec compliance, along with new 2.x support for BPEL and Spring components, and support for SCA contributions as ZIP archives which enables using contribution specific application dependencies.

One other exciting new feature in this M3 release is the new tuscany.war distribution for SCA enabling Apache Tomcat. This makes updating Tomcat to support SCA really simple - deploy the war to Tomcat, go to the Tuscany admin application, click on install, and thats it, on a restart of Tomcat it can now run SCA contributions and SCA enabled Web applications.

In subsequent Tuscany releases this Tomcat integration will be enhanced to use the improved SCA domain support being developed in the Tuscany 2.x code so that SCA domains can be easily managed and created spanning applications as well as runtime instances and clusters.

To find out more and to check out the release go to the Apache Tuscany website


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