Saturday, January 10, 2009

Article: Deploy an SCA application using the Tuscany domain manager

This article gives you an introduction to the Tuscany domain manager and describe how you would go about using it to deploy and run SCA Applications.

The components in an SCA composite application can run on different nodes in a network. In Apache Tuscany, an SCA domain can be used to administer a set of nodes. In SCA, the definitions of composites, components, their implementations, and the nodes they run on belong to what's called an SCA domain. SCA implementations like Tuscany provide administration tools that let a system administrator manage the SCA artifacts in the domain. Using the domain gives you the flexibility to specify installation characteristics of nodes, such as host or port, at the time the nodes are added to the domain instead of in composite files. This article demonstrates how an application comprised of a number of SCA components can be administered via an SCA domain. Learn each step involved in adding an SCA application to the domain.

The example you use in this article is the store application from the "Getting started with Tuscany" guide (see the Resources section for a link). While the "Getting started with Tuscany" guide uses Eclipse to deploy the application, this article shows you how to run the same application in a real production environment. This article illustrates the required steps using an application that you can run in stand-alone Tuscany run time without additional middleware requirements.

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