Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Apache Tuscany graduated as a Top Level Apache Project !!!

Thanks everybody that helped during the "Incubation Journey" !!!
Today, May 21st, Tuscany graduated as a Top Level Apache Project.

The fun is just beginning!!!!
Let's keep up the good work !!!

Matthieu wrote:

"Special order 7B, Establish the Apache Tuscany Project, was approved by
Unanimous Vote of the directors present."

Congratulations guys!


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Thursday, May 08, 2008

Apache Tuscany JavaOne audience ask "can SOA be so easy?!"

I attended Tuscany SCA presentation at JavaOne yesterday. Tuscany committers, Jean-Sebastien and Mario Antollini, were presenting. They demo'd what Tuscany offers through Fruit and Vegetable demo and also demo'd the tools and that Tuscany provides.

Tuscany presentation resulted in many positive blogs. Take a look at this one that it asks "Can SOA Be So Easy!"

Mario and Sebastien really got the point across. Yes, SOA can be this easy with SCA.